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20 essential points of lighting design

Lighting design is an important part of architecture and decoration design, and it is also an important means to add "light" to architecture at last. The most important task of architectural lighting design is to modify and beautify buildings according to the visual demand of consumers, and to create beautiful and comfortable visual environment for people with the help of light and shadow.
Here are 20 suggestions from lighting engineers for building lighting design:
1. artificial lighting is as important as daylight in building lighting.
2. daylight can be supplemented by artificial lighting. Artificial lighting can supplement the lack of daylight and create an atmosphere that is completely different from daylight.
3. select the light source according to the lighting quality requirements. Incandescent and halogen tungsten lamps are used for high brightness, color, quality and dimming requirements. Compact fluorescent lamps and high intensity discharge light sources are used to emphasize energy saving and reduce maintenance.
4 electronic transformers and electronic ballast to disordered life of the light source can be improved, and can reduce energy consumption.
5. every lighting project should have a certain maintenance plan, such as regular replacement, elimination or cleaning of the illuminator.
6., the function of lighting is equivalent to the doors and windows, is a building can not be ignored as a component, rather than interior design of some kind of decoration.
7. an important factor in judging the quality of the luminaire is its function and the maximum visual comfort it can achieve and a combination of its best lighting efficiency.
8. as a detail of the building structure, lighting should be used with great care
9. in the layout of the luminaire, functional and architectural requirements should be taken into account.
10. lighting and lighting design is an integral part of architectural conception.
11. lighting wiring, should consider the different functions of the room.
12., the best visual comfort should be taken into account when designing lighting conditions in a work environment.
13. the brightness of the environment can be achieved by either elevation of the wall or indirect lighting of the ceiling.
14., the key lighting can arouse people's interest in a certain point, and help people to observe the environment in a space.
15., in order to reduce energy consumption, natural lighting and artificial lighting in the work area should be combined.
16., according to the different working environment, choose a corresponding lighting level, in ensuring the quality of lighting, but also consider the energy-saving effect.
17. in order to create different atmosphere and the best lighting effect, lighting design should consider the use of lighting control system.
18., even in interior lighting design, should also take into account the external lighting effect at night.
19., a building's design structure can be best reflected by excellent lighting design.
20., lighting and lighting effect is not only an important part of architectural design, but also can be a corporate image of the building tools


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